Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver Program

The purpose of Project Lifesaver is to save the lives of wandering individuals who suffer from Alzheimer’s, children with autism, and those with other forms of dementia, as well as to try and give the caregivers of these folks some peace of mind and hopefully a better night’s sleep. They will know that if by chance their loved ones manage to find themselves lost, we will have the technology to locate them very quickly. Project Lifesaver International (PLI) is based in the United States of America, LSRU has been fortunate to access their technology and specialized training.

LSRU has 15 certified (2014) Electronic Search Specialists. These unit members have received the training required to supply and maintain bands (transmitters). Project Lifesaver bands can be worn on the wrist, ankle, or attached to a child’s backpack. These transmitters have batteries that require changing every 30 days which is handled by properly trained LSRU volunteers. These bands send out a radio signal every second of every hour, 365 days of the year.

Through Project Lifesaver, we are purchasing as many of these bands as funding will allow initially, and will add to these numbers as we receive future funding. As well as the bands, we are purchasing 2 new state-of-the-art digital receivers that will allow our volunteers to track a lost person’s signal very much like searchers would use to locate a downed aircraft. In the U.S. they have a 100% success rate in searches using these tools with no losses of life. This is the goal we hope to achieve!


Please contact our coordinator for more information about participating in the Thunder Bay Project Lifesaver program. Bringing this program to Thunder Bay was made possible through donations received from the Thunder Bay Rotary Club (Fort William) $7,750, The Andrews Foundation $11, 350, and The Thunder Bay Community Foundation $1,000. The Lakehead Search & Rescue Unit (LSRU) is a 100% all volunteer organization, we do not receive funding from any Federal, Provincial, or Municipal government. We rely solely on donations from the public and corporate sector as we continue to try and become the best we can be for our community. Project Lifesaver LSRU members practice monthly.

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